New collectibles and a live event?!

Hello penguins, hope you are all having a good day. Well I’m surely not me and a lot of others had to wait 5 hours for a stream that leads to us waiting another 6 days?! Madness if you ask me 🙄. Anyway forget all that lets get onto the big news! First things first we have a new pin which was chosen by someone in the CPL discord this morning. Head to the Dance Lounge which is accessible by heading up the stairs through the night club

On the left side of your screen there should be a little black puffle with headphones. That right there is the dub-step puffle.

Go on and grab it because it surely looks cool!

After you got the pin the waiting starts🎉🎉

You might’ve gotten this upon logging in

We are having a live event! How exciting! This event is happening on August 27th at 10 am PDT. If you don’t know when that is in your time I will post the correct time for the event below the blog post link in announcements. According to the blog it says there will be 3 keys given out for the music jam bundle (a bundle where you get all the exclusive items without having to pay a single coin!) a lot of giveaways and 100k coins will be given out! Isn’t that generous.

Now you might think that this is over but no it is not! On the top right corner of your screen there should be a Moderator logo but next to it will be a clock! Go on and tap that and you should get this screen

Parental controls have come to CPL but of course I don’t need them😤😤😤
Now you might be asking “lari why did you tell us this?!?!?!?!” If you click the penguins beak your cursor will tell you that you can click it! Go on and tap that and you should get a nice and cozy sweater

How delightful!

This just about concludes today’s update. See you on the 27th.
Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Team


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