Mascot Trackers

Hey Everyone! We all love meeting mascots, but we all know how hard it can be sometimes. So, I have made a quick guide and hopefully made it a little bit easier for you to track, meet mascots and get their exclusive backgrounds!

To join our Mascot Tracker just join our discord by clicking this link:

First click on the channel #roles-list on the left side of the chat.

Click the Rockhopper emoji under the message.

This makes sure you get updated whenever, so if you have the discord app on your phone you can be updated of all mascot’s location wherever you go!

Then click on the channel #mascot-updates. There our team will be updating everyone on mascot’s location as soon as they log on!

After you join the discord there are a couple more tips you may need to be the best mascot tracker you can be, let’s go through them:

Step 1: Knowing when Mascots are logging on.

This is one of the easier steps. Mascots will usually only log on if there is a special party going on, on the island. It is very rare if they log on otherwise. So make sure to have your discord updates whenever a party is going on.

Step 2: Getting into the correct server.

This can sometimes be difficult. Even when you are checking the tracker all the time, and a mascot finally logs on, you get to the server and the server is already full.

This can be very degrading, especially if you have not met said mascot yet. However do not be afraid, you can still have a chance. You need to have patience and not get discouraged. The best way to get into the server is keep refreshing and logging back in, if the server is still full just keep refreshing.

Step 3: Getting into the Correct Room.

This step can also be very tricky as rooms pack out fast when a mascot enters them. If a mascot is in a room that is full, the best way is to spam entering the door, which is simply clicking on the door, being told it’s full and clicking again. This could be a good strategy if you’re fast enough and desperate enough at it. It could also be dangerous as you could get in just as the mascot leaves the room, meaning step four might be the better option.

Step 4: Predicting what room the Mascot will enter next

Predicting what room the mascot will be in can be hard at times because they can jump rooms which they usually weren’t able to do. But it can also be easy if you think about it.

Mascot’s usually show up for parties, so they will naturally lean towards the party rooms, for example the coffee shop for the anniversary party so you can assume they will be around those party rooms for sure. If there are two party rooms next to each other and the mascot is in one, you can assume that they will go to the other party room.
For example: If it is Music Jam, try to stay in the rooms that are close to the ones that mascot is in but that are still decorated for the Music Jam. Mascots usually visit new party rooms as well such as the Casa Fiesta during Music Jams.

Another helpful tip is when the mascot is in a room with only one exit, stand in the room adjacent to that room.
For example: If a Rookie is in the pizza parlor it would be smart to stand in the plaza since that is the only exit from the pizza parlor, and thus you have a 50/50 chance of the mascot entering that room, or teleporting to another room, 50% chances are always good, especially when mascots don’t teleport that often making your chances even higher.

Step 5: Obtaining the Special Background.

Once you get in the same room as a mascot, you’d think it’d be easy to click on her and get the background, however it is much harder than people think. Penguins tend to crowd Mascots and it is very hard to click them in order to get their player card.
The room can get very laggy at times as well and it can be hard to act quickly as the screen will just freeze out, in order to reduce lag, press the + or – button on your keyboard (located just to the left of the backspace button), this will reduce the graphics quality but also reduce the lag.

To make it easier to get a mascots player card up, once you are in a room with a mascot click your friends list on the toolbar at the bottom.

Then click the middle yellow face at the bottom without a mouth and that will show all the users in the room.

The list will always be in alphabetical order, so scroll down to the letter that the mascot’s name starts with (A for Aunt Arctic, J for Jet Pack Guy, H for Herbert and so on).

Mascots names will always stick out because they will always have the 😀 face next to them as well.

Once you find the mascots name click on them and the player card will come up, click the box on the far left and you will collect the special background!

Step 6: Leaving the Server

Whaaat how is this important? Well we want everyone to get a chance to meet the mascots, so if you have met the mascot and obtained the background, it would be very nice if you log off so everyone else can also have the chance to meet the mascot, sure it’s fun to watch mascots walk around and talk and such, but I think it’s better to know that you leaving allows one more person to have the happiness of meeting a mascot. Who knows? You might be helping someone find their first mascot.

Alright I think that about covers it! These are 6 fast steps that should help skyrocket your chances of meeting a mascot!

If you have any other questions be sure to join our discord where we would love to give you any additional tips and tricks!