April Fools’ Party Cheats 2023 Stage 1

Hello penguins, welcome to the cheats for the April Fools’ Party! This will probably be the longest blog so far and will need to be split into multiple stages as some tasks and rooms are not available yet!

The quests will not be written in the exact same order shown in-game. Instead I will try to order them so the quests in the same room are done at the same time!

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Extreme Sled Race Party Cheats

Hello penguins, welcome to the Extreme Sled Race party cheats! This party is packed with content so let’s dive right in!

Before connecting to Blizzard there’s a new unlock code “LOTSOFISH”. These unlockable items will be required to finish the party quests later on!

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WE’RE BACK (New Code and Pin)

Hiya Penguins!

After what seems like forever CPL is back online. Not sure how or what happened to allow them to be back online but we are glad for it!

To celebrate being back CPL has released a new unlock code!

And here’s what it unlocks!

Lastly, there is a new pin on the island as well as you waddle around for the first time in almost a month. Head to the forest to claim the Butterfly pin!

That’s all for today’s post. We’re so happy to be back and look forward to all upcoming events on CPL!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team

Mission: Get Jet. Chapter 1: objective

Hello agents! Welcome back to another post, today we will be getting into our first of four missions for this event. So feel free to follow along with our guide on everything new today!

We can start by opening the folder at the top right of our screen to get a brief on what we will be doing, as well as our first free item of the day: the rappelling gear!

So we can start this mission by heading to the ski village and entering the PSA only area to meet up with rookie. Once we are done in there we can nab our second item a hat! We can also open a catalogue full of gear at the bottom right, hope you have your coins ready! Finally if you click the watch of the penguin on the right we can find a thermos!

Onto the next room! We find ourselves in the vast wilderness, we have to take a specific path to get out of this area, luckily we already mapped it out for you! If you get lost following these directions just tp back to the ski village and try again: Up right Up Left Down Down Left Up then you should find yourself at these tracks if you followed these right, lets following them!

After we have that all navigated we should be in a new area, ph will tell us to make a campfire and rest for a bit. we can start by grabbing these rocks on the right side of the clearing for our base of the fire.

Next we need wood to start it, you can find 3 twigs in the same area, each hiding behind different trees

On the far right hiding behind a tree by the tracks in the snow
In the middle on the upper side of the screen also behind a tree next to the rocky ledge
Close to the logs by the fire pit

Last but not least we can grab the forest pin located close to the firepit on the side of the rocky ledge so be sure to nab that!

That’s all we can explore today thank you everyone for following our guide, we hope you enjoy the event and stay tuned for part 2!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-The CPL Cheats team

New map, New pin, New features

Hello penguins, this is going to be a short post today. You may or may not have heard about the new map change!

So detailed!

This map is very dynamic with a lot of moving elements! Now, if you head to the lakeside location on the map. (located right under the plaza)

You can probably spot out its a new location. And with a new location comes a new pin!

A very nice picnic basket! Unfortunately you can’t eat it. There is one more thing before we go. An events tab!

Well hidden!

By clicking on it, you can see events hosted by other penguins or official events such as parties or penguin style! And yes, you can host your own events! Unfortunately to host an event, your penguin has to be 25 milestone age days. Whatever that means.

Anyway, this concludes our little update for today.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team

New pins locations

Hello everyone and welcome! As music jam comes to a close and we see the island return to normal we can also find three new pins so lets get into it!

We can start by heading up to the beacon to find a life ring to the right next to the jet pack.

Next we have a new stage play we can explore! “Ruby and the ruby” very exciting, start by looking through the script for clues and by the end of it you can receive our 2nd pin by clicking “The end.”

Next we can get our hands on yet another pin by clicking 5 items in order. We can start by clicking the filing cabinet, then the lamp, trash, book, flower pot, and then finally the painting to reveal the round ruby pin.

Finally our pin!

That should cover our pins today, however while we’re at the stage there is a secret item in the catalog

Don’t forget mining is also opened up today for coins so be sure to get to work if that wallets looking a little empty. Other then that we hope you enjoy todays update.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats team