Music Jam 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new blog post today we will be going over all the brand new music jam content so lets get into it!

Upon logging in we will be greeted by cadence welcoming us to the music jam, she suggests to grab a V.I.P pass so we will start by doing exactly that.

We can grab these from three different locations, including the iceberg, ski village and the snow forts. Each have a different selection of items available to grab so make sure to grab what you like but especially the pass so you aren’t locked out of any exclusive rooms. (make sure you are wearing it before entering them.)

ski village
Snow forts

Next we can grab those sweet pins, there’s three different ones we can find. First we can find some purple headphones inside the lighthouse to the left of the entrance, then we can make our way to the pizza parlor to find a music note pin on the stage, and finally the best for last is Gregory! we can find it by going to the orca straw stage from the snow forts. then just click the orca at the top left of the stage and he’s all yours!

the orca straw found in the snow forts.
Click this!

You may have noticed we have some options to click on the top right of our screen, going in order of them we can start by seeing the music jam performance schedule, we can see some awesome performances by DJ Maxx and penguin band, and even a fireworks show!

The second icon is to do with a collaboration with the save the music foundation, we will be able to tell you more about it tomorrow, but I’m sure its gonna be interesting. Third icon we have is to do with our long awaited color vote! we can do this from the mine shack. There is 5 different colors to go with listed here: casablanca, mauve, highlight (the best), arctic blue, and aquamarine I’m personally going with highlight but they are all pretty great looking. you can vote during the polling times which you can find from the voting booth, but we will also be putting them below!

Then we have our free daily items! The screen is a bit glitched today but we can still grab the disco ball outfit for the day one item along with a coin multiplier to help us afford all these costly items.

Next we can move onto the other free items available throughout this whole party first we can go to the cove for some blue headphones, perfect to jam out in!

Moving on we can come to the docks, and go back stage (top right of the screen pictured below) for the free music swirl tee and the instruments catalogue so you can play some tunes with your friends.

Right below the schedule tab.

Finally we can nab the boombox, our final free item for today, located on the nightclub rooftop you’ll need the all-access pass once again, just make sure to get up there while there isn’t a performance going on or you’ll have to wait most likely due to the large amounts of players.

That should wrap it up! We hope you enjoy this party, its been a long awaited one, but definitely worth it, make sure to keep an eye out for those mascots too! if you need help tracking them down don’t hesitate to join our discord for help on that and many other things from our lovely community!

Until next time, Waddle on!

-CPL Cheats Team


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