Gary’s Room Walkthrough!

Hello penguins! How are we all today? Hope we are good. A new updated just dropped, it is a brand new island adventure! You would’ve expected it to be with Rockhopper but its actually with Gary? Be sure to clear your cache before starting!

Upon logging in, Gary will greet you saying he’s lost the key to his office! He says he misplaced it while trying to set up the Halloween party. He lazily instructs us to go search for it and left us with a picture of the key. Lets find it!

First things first, collect the duster

It can be found by clicking the hood of the yellow jacket. If you cant click it, try going out of the sports shop and back in.

Well, it is a pin so there’s that. Next up, Ski Hill. Head there and click on the little bump of snow. Gary will tell you that you found his key! Bravo! Go on and collect that pin/key.

You got the key, which means you can access Gary’s Room!

So many penguins!

And now, the 3rd and final pin! If you look at Gary’s pin board on the last row on the 3rd column (ha 3rd and 3rd) is a nice little shrimp and you can collect that for yourself! May seem like stealing but it’s still there after you collect it so I wouldn’t count this as a crime

Gary’s awesome pinboard!

One more thing before we depart, something exclusive to agents only. If you head to the HQ and go down in the middle, ta da! The iconic gadget room!

That’s about it for this update! Gary will be visiting in about 30 minutes by the time I wrote this so keep an eye out in #mascot-updates 👀

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


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