How to be a Tour Guide

The tour guide quiz can be a very difficult thing to ace, because if you get one wrong you have to start all over again, and there is a cooldown period so you have to wait a couple minutes in order to take it again. (Or you can log off and re-login and take it right away again, but you didn’t hear it from us 😉

Have no fear however! This is where we come in to help you ace this quiz with flying colors! If you are stuck on a question or a couple look no further than down below for all the answers you need!

If for some reason this guide does not help, be sure to join our discord where you can talk with people to help walk you through it!

First head to the Ski Village and click on the Tour Guide Stand

Click “Take the Quiz”

Follow the answers as below!

And that oughta do it!

Now wear the Tour Guide hat and only the hat and press “W” or press the wave button and you will hold your tour sign!