• St. Patrick’s Party 2023 Cheats

    Hello penguins, welcome to the cheats for the St. Patrick’s Party! This party contains lots of quests so lets dive right in!


  • Lily Pin Location

    Hello penguins, another quick update!

    A new pin has arrived on the island, head to the Mine Shack and you should spot it to the right of the flower beds!

    That’s all for now!

    Until next time, Waddle On!

    -CPL Cheats Team

  • March Penguin Style Cheats

    Hello penguins! A new penguin style catalog has been released in the gift shop, let’s look at all the secrets!


  • Extreme Sled Race Party Cheats

    Hello penguins, welcome to the Extreme Sled Race party cheats! This party is packed with content so let’s dive right in!

    Before connecting to Blizzard there’s a new unlock code “LOTSOFISH”. These unlockable items will be required to finish the party quests later on!


  • WE’RE BACK (New Code and Pin)

    Hiya Penguins!

    After what seems like forever CPL is back online. Not sure how or what happened to allow them to be back online but we are glad for it!

    To celebrate being back CPL has released a new unlock code!

    And here’s what it unlocks!

    Lastly, there is a new pin on the island as well as you waddle around for the first time in almost a month. Head to the forest to claim the Butterfly pin!

    That’s all for today’s post. We’re so happy to be back and look forward to all upcoming events on CPL!

    Until next time, Waddle On!

    -CPL Cheats Team

  • Penguin Style and Better Igloos January 2023 Secrets!

    Hello penguins! It’s been a long time since one of these were made huh? Today’s blog will be all about the penguins style. Lets dive in!

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3

    That’s all the secrets for this catalog! Now onto Better Igloos.

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3

    And that concludes this post for today!

    Until next time, Waddle On

    – CPLC Team

  • The brand new 2023 Party Hat!

    Hello penguins and happy new year! What is your new years resolution? (do people still do that) Short post today, this is about a brand new party hat available now at the iceberg!

    Despite its strange appearance as a pin, it is a hat.

    This looks oddly enough like a bee… Anyway that’s all for today.

    Until next time, Waddle On!

    -CPLC Team

  • Change for Coins update + Globe Hat

    Hello penguins!

    You have been very generous in donating to the Coral Reef foundation. So much so that we have reached a new mile stone on the CFC meter! Head to the beach click the plaque above the kettle to see where we are.

    You’ll see that we are much higher than the last update. We were going to receive 75,000 coins but now due to everyone’s generosity we’re receiving upwards to 250,000 coins!

    And as you can see to the left there is a new prize to claim, a Globe Hat!

    That’s all for today, great work everyone! Be sure to be back tomorrow for our site-wide scavenger hunt!

    Until next time, Waddle On!

    -CPL Cheats Team

  • Change for Coins Update

    Hello Penguins! Just wanted to give you all a quick update on how the change for coins is going! There have already been several thousands of dollars donated and we’ve reached our first milestone! To collect it, head to the beach and click the sign above the kettle.

    From here you can see we have donated 75,000 worth of coins that will be added to everyone’s account after the event is over! We can also collect our first reward which is a fun little Wheelbarrow.

    Make sure to donate if you haven’t, click the coins for change button to get started. Also don’t forget to claim your free t-shirt by clicking this button

    Then clicking “Receive Item” on the next page

    That’s all for now, great work penguins!

    Until Next Time, Waddle On!

    -CPL Cheats Team

  • Holiday Hunt 2023

    Hello Penguins!

    I’m excited to to announce we will be having another Scavenger Hunt to celebrate the end of this great Holiday season!

    There will be multiple prizes for multiple finishers, so lots of chance to get rewards including special roles in the discord and free discord nitro! So click continue reading for everything you need to know!