Cart Surfer

Cart Surfer is one of the best ways to grind coins as it allows you to collect coins within a small amount of time allowing for a quick turnover in coins collected.

What Tricks to Do:

There are a whole bunch of tricks in cart surfer that you can do, but what are the best?

Flips are the clear winner here with Spins, Handstands, and Run on Tracks close behind. So do we just flip the whole time?

You could, however when you spam the same trick it halves the points, so the first flip would be 100 but the rest after that would only be 50.

The best proven method to get the most points is to use Flip (Down Arrow + Space) and then Spin (Space + Right or Left Arrow), one right after the other.

You should also grind when going around turns for extra points as well (Down Arrow + Whichever way you are turning arrow)


It is actually a strategy to crash. Crashing allows for extra playing time throughout the game. I would recommend not crashing all at once but spreading them out in order to increase extra time gained.

If using the above strategy of tricks, I usually crash around 2200 points, and then every other turn until I am out of lives.

Don’t use all your lives and lose the game by crashing, you have 4 lives technically so crash 3 times and finish out the game to maximize your points.

If you have any questions or want any tips or tricks we have a discord full of stamp junkies who would love to answer your question, head on over!