April Fools’ Party Cheats 2023 Stage 2

Hello penguins, welcome to the second stage of cheats for the April Fools’ Party!

The quests shown in this blog post are the ones which were unavailable before, except “Attend Rookie’s Comedy Show” was replaced with “Get 3 Reactions from Audience”.

There are 14 quests shown here which brings the total for the party to 48!

The 1st quest is Attend April Fools Community Event

As of writing this blog post there are 2 Community Events yet to happen:

  1. Silly Fashion! – Gingerspice2’s Igloo – April 9th, 3am (Penguin Standard Time)
  2. Rookie Meetup – April 9th, 9am (Penguin Standard Time)

In order to complete this quest you must be in the same room as the host of the party within 30 minutes of the event starting! You can check what the time is in Penguin Standard Time by looking at the clock at the Snow Forts!

The next 4 quests all take place in the A Silly Place dimension!

The 2nd quest is Sit on the Throne

All you need to do is sit in the throne for a couple seconds and the quest should be completed!

The 3rd quest is React to a Joke in the Silly Place

When someone is telling jokes on the stage shown to the right of the screen, you can react with any of the following emotes to complete the quest!

The 4th quest is Tell a Silly Joke

The 5th quest can be completed at the same time which is Get 3 Reactions from Audience!

For both of these quests you need to perform on the stage by walking through the door on the left floating island! There also needs to be at least 3 penguins in the crowd to react to your jokes. If both conditions are met it should look like this and both quests should be completed:

The 6th quest is Finish the Box Hunt

To see which items you have already collected you can click the box icon at the top right corner of your screen!

There are 8 items to collect, all in separate rooms within the Box Dimension!

Desert Dimension

Stair Dimension

Space Dimension

When you look at the top of the screen, some stars should stand out:

If you click them going clockwise starting at the bottom left corner, they should fill in like a dot-to-dot puzzle, revealing the third item!

Candy Dimension

First click the spoon in the ice cream on the left side of the screen…

…then after the animation stops, the fourth item should be revealed!

Doodle Dimension

Same as the Candy Dimension, click the pen at the bottom of the screen

Then the item will be revealed on the Post-it note!

A Silly Place

Cream Soda Dimension

and finally the Box Dimension

After completing the quest you will be rewarded with the Box Costume and Scavenger Hunt stamp!

Make sure to claim this since you will need it for the other quests!

The next 5 quests take place in the room A Strange Dimension, to get here, wear the Box Costume and stand on the large arrow in the Box Dimension!

The 7th quest is Talk to the Stone Head

Simply stand under a stone head and type any message, this won’t work if you use the safe chat messages!

The 8th quest is Walk over Flowers

This one is a bit hard, but make sure you walk over every single flower in the field!

The 9th quest is Find the Secret Closet

This is hidden right beside the flowers, you also get 2 free items!

The 10th quest is Cross the Piano Bridge

This may take a few tries, but to complete this quest you must stand on each white piano tile on the bridge!

The 11th quest is Become a Cuckoo-Bird

For this quest, stand behind the doors of the clock tower when both hands on the clock hit 12! (Pointing directly up)

The 12th quest is Melodies with Stars

This quest takes place in the Space Dimension!

When you enter the room, 15 stars and planets will flash in a specific order. Click them in the same order to complete this quest!

Unfortunately I could not redo this one after already completing it so credit goes to robitussin#6199 on discord for this image showing the order to click the stars and planets:

The 13th quest is Visit All Dimensions

If you managed to do the previous quests all without refreshing the page, you should have earned this already, otherwise revisit the following rooms:

  1. Box Dimension
  2. Desert Dimension
  3. Stair Dimension
  4. Space Dimension
  5. Candy Dimension
  6. Doodle Dimension
  7. A Silly Place
  8. Cream Soda Dimension
  9. A Strange Dimension

The 14th quest is Visit All Party Rooms

The actual rooms required for this quest is unknown, however if you visit all of the rooms listed below you will complete the quest and get the Explorer stamp!

  1. 9 Dimensions listed in previous quest
  2. Beach
  3. Beacon
  4. Lighthouse
  5. Ski Hill
  6. Ski Village
  7. Ski Lodge
  8. Lodge Attic
  9. Dock
  10. Town
  11. Coffee Shop
  12. Book Room
  13. Dance Club
  14. Gift Shop
  15. Snow Forts
  16. Plaza
  17. Pizza Parlor
  18. The Lakeside
  19. Forest
  20. Cove
  21. Mine Shack
  22. Recycling Plant
  23. Mine
  24. Underground Pool
  25. Boiler Room
  26. Iceberg
  27. Dojo Courtyard
  28. Dojo

Here is a flowchart to make it a little easier to keep track of what to visit:

After completing all of these quests you will be rewarded with A Silly Hat!

You can also enter the Box Store at the Ski Village which sells some furniture items including the Portal Box!!

That concludes the second and final stage of the cheats for this party!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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