April Fools’ Party Cheats 2023 Stage 1

Hello penguins, welcome to the cheats for the April Fools’ Party! This will probably be the longest blog so far and will need to be split into multiple stages as some tasks and rooms are not available yet!

The quests will not be written in the exact same order shown in-game. Instead I will try to order them so the quests in the same room are done at the same time!

To save some time, here is a list of the tasks that will be shown in a separate blog post due to them being locked or for other reasons:

  • Attend April Fools Community Event
  • Sit on the Throne
  • Talk to the Stone Head (Locked!)
  • Cross the Piano Bridge (Locked!)
  • React to a Joke in the Silly Place
  • Melodies with Stars (Locked!)
  • Become a Cuckoo-Bird (Locked!)
  • Attend Rookie’s Comedy Show (locked!)
  • Walk over Flowers (Locked!)
  • Find the Secret Closet (Locked!)
  • Visit All Dimensions (Locked!)
  • Finish the Box Hunt
  • Tell a Silly Joke
  • Visit all Party Rooms (Locked!)

Now to go through the available quests, there are 34 which can be completed as of writing this post!

The first two quests take place at the Beach!

The 1st quest is Watch the Box fly away

Click the box at the top of the screen!

The 2nd quest is Change the Landscape

This can be done by clicking anywhere in the sky 4 times!

The 3rd quest is Interact with Box’s Cradle

Head to the Beacon and click on the Box Cradle as shown in the image below!

The next 3 quests all take place in the Cove!

The 4th quest is Have trees do “Gnarly Waves”

For this quest you just need to click the “Gnarly Waves” sign post at the bottom left of the room!

The 5th quest is Cannonball with the Box

Hover your mouse over the diving board found on the right side of the screen, just above the water!

The 6th quest is Look out with the Binoculars

Click the binoculars to the right of the wooden bridge!

The new 2 quests take place at the Dock!

The 7th quest is Throw Paint at the Dock

Simply throw a snowball onto the canvas and it will turn into art!

The 8th quest is Complete the Painting

This one may take a while to complete, keep throwing snowballs onto the canvas until you see the artwork shown below!

It is worth it since you also get rewarded with the Target Champion stamps and Purple Propellor Hat!

The 9th quest is Play a game of silly Sled Racing

This can be done by playing any game of Sled Racing at the Ski Hill!

The 10th quest is Play a game of silly Find Four

This can be done by playing a game of Find Four at the Ski Lodge or the Lodge Attic!

The 11th quest is Pet the Dragon

Head to the Forest and click on the dragon’s head!

The 12th quest is Say “HELLO” from Above!

In the Town we can currently walk on the walls! Head to a window on the Coffee Shop and send the message “HELLO” as shown below! (If this does not work try typing “Hello” or using the safe chat message)

The 13th quest is Tell 10 Jokes

This can be done in any room (possibly needs another penguin in the room) by clicking the J letter on your keyboard! Only press it after the previous joke disappears or it won’t count towards the 10!

The 14th quest is Fart in a room with 25 penguins

This can be done by pressing E + T on your keyboard!

The 15th quest is Interact with all Whoopie Cushions

This goes across 3 rooms: Town, Snow Forts & Plaza! You just need to stand on top of every Whoopie Cushion (some don’t have an animation however if you don’t complete the quest try standing on all of them, this one took me 5 tries)

Snow Forts

You can also collect the Blue Propellor Hat here for free!

The 16th quest is Have a Pizza Fight with 15 Penguins

After getting 15 penguins in the Pizza Parlor you need multiple people to start throwing snowballs which will turn into pizza!

The 17th quest is Watch the Crab say “April Fools”

This can be done in the Underground Pool by waiting for a crab to appear outside the middle window, sometimes they will say something different in which case you need to wait a little longer!

The 18th quest is Find the Jack in the Box

This can be done by waiting for 60 seconds in the Boiler Room or until the timer makes a full circle!

The 19th quest is Find the April Fools Pin

Make your way to the Recycling Plant (from the Mine Shack) and wait until the loading bar reaches the end to complete the quest and get the Loader pin!

The 20th quest is Have A Silly Dance Off with 15 Penguins

Head to the Dance Club and dance on the dance floor with 15 other penguins!

The 21st quest is Get Lost 5 Times and will be split into 5 steps!

  1. Start at the Town and enter the Coffee Shop, exit back to the Town and you will find yourself at the Iceberg!
  2. Go back to the Town and enter the Dance Club, exit back to the Town and you will find yourself at the Iceberg!
  3. Go Back to the Town and enter the Gift Shop, exit back to the Town and you will find yourself at the Iceberg!
  4. Head to the Beach and enter the Lighthouse, exit back to the Beach and you will end up in the Ski Lodge!
  5. Exit the Ski Lodge to the Ski Village, you will end up back in the Lighthouse!

You may need to wait a couple seconds after returning to the Lighthouse for the quest to be marked as completed!

The 22nd quest is Find the Secret Message

Head to the Ski Village and click the mountain peak as shown below!

The 23rd quest is Find All The Interactive Signs

For this quest you need to click on specific blue signs in four rooms: Ski Village (2), Beach (1), Dock (2) & Forest (2)!

Ski Village

The 24th quest is Meet Rookie

Rookie can be seen at the following times:

The remaining 10 possible quests are all found in the Box Dimension rooms!

The 25th quest is Enter the Unknown

Head to the Snow Forts and walk through the entrance to the Box Dimension!

The 26th and 27th quests are Watch the Sunset and Watch the sunrise respectively

Both of these quests take place in the Desert Dimension, just sit and watch the sun and moon swap in the skyline!

The 28th quest is Go Upside Down!

Simply enter the Stair Dimension and you should complete this quest!

The 29th quest is Buy Item from Box Dimension

This can be done in any of the dimensions, however I would recommend buying the UFO Costume from the Space Dimension first, since it allows you to walk over boundaries as shown below!

The next two quests take place in the Candy Dimension

The 30th quest is Find the Large Spoon

This spoon is hidden in the ice cream above the Candy sign! (on the left side of the screen)

The 31st quest is Have a Icecream Fight with 20 Penguins

Similarly to the 16th quest, throw snowballs with 20 other penguins in this room to complete the quest!

The 32nd quest is Travel through Creamsoda

Inside the Cream Soda Dimension use the Cream Soda Barrels as portals to hop between each island!

There is not one set path to complete the quest however, if you keep picking portals randomly to go through, eventually you will get to the island at the top right of the screen! (You may need to stand on the square to complete the quest)

This quest also gives the Path Finder stamp!

The last two possible quests take place in the Doodle Dimension

The 33rd quest is Become a Doodle!

This will be completed by just entering the dimension!

The 34th and last (possible) quest is Draw a Masterpiece

To complete this quest, click the blue pencil at the bottom of the screen!

That concludes the first stage of the cheats for this party!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team

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