St. Patrick’s Party 2023 Cheats

Hello penguins, welcome to the cheats for the St. Patrick’s Party! This party contains lots of quests so lets dive right in!

There are 12 Island Quests to do during this party, after completing them all we receive the Pot O’ Gold hand item!

The first quest is to collect the pot of gold pin which can be found on the Ski Hill!

The second quest can be completed in the Ski Village by standing next to the well and copying the emote that is shown!

The third quest can be completed in the Dance Club by dancing with 25 penguins!

The fourth quest can be completed at the Mine Shack by clicking on the rainbow in the sky!

The next 3 quests are all found in the Forest!

For the fifth quest we need to click 2 piles of mushrooms

For the sixth quest we need to click the large clover to the left of the Leprechaun’s house which reveals the Big Pot of Gold. Then click the pot to complete the quest!

For the seventh quest enter the Leprechaun’s House by walking through the door!

The next 3 quests are in the Leprechaun’s House!

For the eight quest claim the free item at the bottom left

For the ninth quest click the vase to release the rainbow trapped inside!

For the tenth quest click the drums on the top floor 25 times, this only counts when your mouse cursor changes to a pointer!

For the eleventh quest, keep swapping between the Leprechaun’s House and the Forest until the flag on the mailbox is pointed up, indicating mail has arrived. Now click the mailbox twice, once to open and again to collect the mail!

For the twelfth and final quest there are twelve clovers hidden around the island!

1 – Ski Hill
2 – Ski Village
3 – Dock
4 – Town
5 – Coffee Shop
6 – Dance Club
7 – Snow Forts
8 – Plaza
9 – Lakeside
10 – Forest
11 – Mine Shack

The final clover is in the underwater room which can be found from the Hidden Lake!

12 – Underwater Room

Finally if we head back to the Coffee Shop we can collect a free item!

That concludes the party cheats today!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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