Extreme Sled Race Party Cheats

Hello penguins, welcome to the Extreme Sled Race party cheats! This party is packed with content so let’s dive right in!

Before connecting to Blizzard there’s a new unlock code “LOTSOFISH”. These unlockable items will be required to finish the party quests later on!

During the Extreme Sled Race party there are multiple quests to do which, upon completion rewards us with the Tame Arctic Fox neck item!

After entering the code make your way to the Ski Village where the first quest can be completed. Here you simply need to operate the camera by clicking the red button on the top!

We can also do the first party stamp, Snowboarder, here or in any room by wearing a snowboard item, found in the Penguin Style catalog, and performing its special dance.

Next we can enter the first party room – the Supply Camp! Here we can find the party’s catalog which we need to buy out for the second quest. There’s no secret items so it’ll cost 1,100 coins!

After that we can head to the second party room – the Ice Race Cavern! Here we need to click all 8 icicles blocking our path to complete our third quest. They can be clicked in any order this time around!

Once we get past the icicles we can enter our third party room – the Base Camp! There are two quests we can complete here, the first requiring us to stand near the fireplace and light the fire by clicking the logs.

The second quest requires us to put on the items we obtained from the unlockable code at the start, then standing behind the fish dog stand and clicking E + Z to perform the pizza emote. This also unlocks the second party stamp – Snack Shack!

After this we can go up the hill to our fourth party room – the Mountain! Before we solve the puzzle here, make sure to enter the secret Ice Cave by clicking the ice blockade found at the bottom right of the room. This completes another quest!

Next we must solve a puzzle to progress to the last room! The first step is to click the ledge of snow above the axe. (There was a pile of snow here before but it seems to have disappeared)

For the second step we click the branch at the bottom left corner of the room, which will then move above the axe!

After that we need to click the axe 4 times to remove the snow (that we put there) using the branch, then an additional click to move the axe towards the tree.

Next we click the tree 5 times to chop it down with the axe!

Finally we click the icicles dangling above the makeshift seesaw 10 times, causing them to fall and launch the log forwards. After this we can cross the log to the last room. This unlocks the third party stamp – Party Puzzle!

Here we reach the Mountain Top room! Before doing anything wait 10 seconds and you should unlock the fourth party stamp – Mountaineer (may take a couple attempts to unlock). You should also complete a quest just from entering this room!

There are 2 quests and a pin which can be found at the Mountain Top! The first quest can be completed by obtaining the free item in the center of the room. The second quest can be completed by clicking the pile of tubes at the top 25 times. The pin can be found to the left of the fish dog stand!

The penultimate quest can be done by winning the Extreme Sled Race. This requires 4 players and can be played at the start flag. The game mechanics are the same as Sled Racing!

Don’t worry if you don’t win on your first attempt! You can try as many times as you like and there is a shortcut to climbing the mountain again – which is by clicking the ladder back in the Supply Camp (first party room).

Finally, the last quest can only be completed upon meeting Aunt Arctic. This may be difficult however there is a confirmed visit today at 11:00am Penguin Standard Time (equivalent to Pacific Standard Time) which we will be tracking in our discord server!

Along with the Tame Arctic Fox, we also earn a new custom party stamp – Quests Extraordinaire!

That concludes the party cheats today!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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