Holiday Party Walkthrough

Hello Penguins! Sorry for the lateness of this post the holiday season is busy for all! Nevertheless today we will be going through all the cheats and secrets you need to know for this Holiday Party! Click Continue reading for the full post!

When you first log on there will be three new buttons on the top right of the screen.

The first one is an “Ask Santa” feature, you can click on it to read more information but basically every 2 days at 11am PST, you’ll be able to ask Santa for some specifics. Make sure to have an alarm set to not miss this great deal!

The next one is change for coins, which is a play on the classic club penguin donation during holiday season “Coins for change”. CPL has chosen a charity to partner with for this season. Every dollar donated cumulatively will end up equaling 50 coins into each penguins pocket. So make sure and donate generously so you can get some more coins for your penguin! When you donate put your penguins name where the ask for your first name to get rewarded!

Last but not least is an announcement about each 30 minutes, Cadence and the Penguin Band will be performing at the iceberg. You can visit the iceberg to watch these epic performances!

Unfortunately you don’t receive stamp or background from this performance.

Now let’s go find some Holiday Items! First we’ll start with some pins. The first is a Holiday Ornament Pin which can be found in the big tree, which is accessible through the Plaza on the Right bottom side, or Town on Left bottom side.

Then the Ornament can be found on the tree!

Next for the other pin, head to the Stage and click on the script, click all the way to the last page and click “The End” to claim your Holly pin.

Next click your mail icon on the top left and you should have a letter!

Open it an you will receive a new Holiday stocking cap!

Next head to the Beach where you can click on the big kettle to the left to check on the status of Change for Coins and also board the Migrator! Let’s do that and check out his new stash. Get on the Migrator and head below deck then click the catalog icon in the bottom right to shop Rockhopper’s new secret treasures.

Next, let’s go deliver some gifts with Santa! Head to Santa’s workshop which is just above the Night Club, then head into the Santa Sled.

Once on, click the “fly” button to begin

As you fly click the red button in order to release presents into the chimneys below. It takes a while for the presents to deploy so click the button a little before the chimney is right below the present release.

Once you have delivered all 20 presents you will receive a Santa sack for all your hard work!

Click the land button and head to the Forest next. Make sure you’re all caught up on the first advent tree. then click the arrow on the right side to unveil the new side and collect everything you can there as well!

Last but not least, there is a background we can claim. Head to the Book Room (above the Coffee Shop) and sit on the big Santa’s chair. Then click the camera to take a picture!

And that’s all for this walkthrough! I’m sure a couple more features will be added throughout but we’ll be sure to keep up with more posts to keep you updated on all the on-goings that you can be apart of!

Until next time, Waddle on!

-CPL Cheats Team


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