Mission: Get Jet. Chapter 1: objective

Hello agents! Welcome back to another post, today we will be getting into our first of four missions for this event. So feel free to follow along with our guide on everything new today!

We can start by opening the folder at the top right of our screen to get a brief on what we will be doing, as well as our first free item of the day: the rappelling gear!

So we can start this mission by heading to the ski village and entering the PSA only area to meet up with rookie. Once we are done in there we can nab our second item a hat! We can also open a catalogue full of gear at the bottom right, hope you have your coins ready! Finally if you click the watch of the penguin on the right we can find a thermos!

Onto the next room! We find ourselves in the vast wilderness, we have to take a specific path to get out of this area, luckily we already mapped it out for you! If you get lost following these directions just tp back to the ski village and try again: Up right Up Left Down Down Left Up then you should find yourself at these tracks if you followed these right, lets following them!

After we have that all navigated we should be in a new area, ph will tell us to make a campfire and rest for a bit. we can start by grabbing these rocks on the right side of the clearing for our base of the fire.

Next we need wood to start it, you can find 3 twigs in the same area, each hiding behind different trees

On the far right hiding behind a tree by the tracks in the snow
In the middle on the upper side of the screen also behind a tree next to the rocky ledge
Close to the logs by the fire pit

Last but not least we can grab the forest pin located close to the firepit on the side of the rocky ledge so be sure to nab that!

That’s all we can explore today thank you everyone for following our guide, we hope you enjoy the event and stay tuned for part 2!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-The CPL Cheats team


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