Organ Guide

Need help with figuring out the organ? No worries our team has figured it out for you, so come along to learn the notes! 

organ 2

First things first, for those who might know where to locate the organ you want to head into the forest and enter the Dark Chamber. Once there, you’ll find this room. 


At the top rock where LordNinja24 is standing you’ll find there is colors shooting out of the rocks. Those colors will indicate the notes you need to play to successfully play the organ. They do move rather quickly and only play once, so no need to get frustrated over missing the colors with this helpful guide. 

First sequence: pink, blue, orange, pink

Second sequence: pink, orange, blue, pink, green

Third sequence: green, pink, orange blue, pink, pink

Now that you have made it this far you’ll enter the door at the top! 


Once you enter the maze it will be pretty spooky on the inside, but no need to worry grab a handy dandy lantern located to the left of me. Once you grab the lantern, leave the room and re-enter to light up the lantern. 

Once you get to the end of the maze, you’ll find this room full of candy that you can feast on until your fishy heart is content. 

end maze

Don’t forget to get your unlimited candy pile. 

You’ll also find yourself a monster maker, so be sure to grab all of your favorite items to become the monster you’ve always dreamt of. 

monster maker

That’s it for now my penguin friends we will be sure to update you when there is more exciting things around the island! 

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL cheats Team



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