Ghost Hunting Walkthrough

Hello Penguins! Ghosts have arrived and it is our job to catch them! I hope you’re not tired of scavenger hunts because we’re going on another one around Club Penguin to find some ghosts!

Click continue reading for the full walkthrough!

When you log on you will be greeted by Gary who will tell you about the Ghost hunt and to click your book in the top right corner.

When we go to the book we can see we can buy a “Ghoul Detector 3000” for 50 common candies.

So grind those out by standing at the bottom left house and clicking the door when the time comes until you have 50 and collect this bad boy. Also make sure you have 350 coins, there’s a glitch that will just steal your candy and not give you the item unless you are also willing to donate 350 coins to the Ghost Hunting cause.

Next equip it, it is a hand item so go into your inventory and make sure you are wearing it. Otherwise you can’t see any ghosts! Now let’s go find some ghosts, they are scattered all across the island. When you find them, all you have to do is click on them to collect them.

Here is each of their locations:

Boiler Room
Hidden lake
Book Room

And last but not least, click this bookshelf in the Haunted House and the last ghost will appear!

After you’ve collected all the ghosts, click your ghost book again and you can claim your prize!

Gary will congratulate you and hand you a Candy Ghost BG.

Wear it with pride.

That’s all for this post, make sure you tune in for the second Ghost Hunt whenever that is, we’ll have another walkthrough just like this one!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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