The Great CPLC Candy Hunt of 2022

Hello Penguins!

I hope you are all enjoying the Halloween party and getting all that candy. Hopefully this post will make it even sweeter! We will be hosting our very own candy hunt on this site! Click read more for a full description and how you can win a discord nitro

So, how this is going to work is, there will be 8 candies hidden around the site. They will be hidden around in pages and old posts (only those posts made in October 2022 and above).

Here are the candies you will be looking for

As mentioned before they will be scattered around the site through pages and old posts dating back to October 1st. They could be hidden in pictures in these places or just sitting somewhere within the post, I can’t give too many hints as it is your job to find out where they are. But I recommend you become familiar with our site and what buttons take you where and all the sub-pages that we have here.

To win, you must find all the candy, take pictures, whether screenshots or mobile and DM me (@LordNinja24#3125) on discord all the locations of each candy. The first person to do so will with a months-worth of discord nitro!

The contest will begin at 9:30pm EST tomorrow 11/1/2022 as soon as the clock ticks, you may start sending me DMs. (If you don’t know what your time zone is related to EST use and type in EDT in the right box)

Good luck to you all! If you have any questions, ask us on our discord!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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