Pro-Tips to get Candy Fast!

Trying to get the most candy possible in the smallest amount of time? Me too! Over the past couple hours I’ve been doing some practicing and analyzing of some of the best ways to most efficiently collect candy. Click read more full the full post!

The best way to maximize your candy gains to be able to get the most candy every 30 seconds. Obviously you could sit at the white house and grab the common candy every 30 seconds, but we also need the rare and epic candies for all those items as well. So we need to double up our gains and sometimes we have the opportunity to triple up as well.

So in order to double up our gains we need to give ourselves the best distance advantage, meaning when we try to hit a double house we want to be as close to the second house as possible. I’ve figured that the farthest away you can get to the houses while still collecting the candy is just beyond each house’s fenceline. For example:

So if I want to get a double between the rare and common house, it would probably be smartest of me to stand on the corner closest to the common house so as soon as I collect my rare candy I have a small waddle over to the common house in order to collect that candy. Observe how easy I make this on myself:

If you see, I’m as close as I can to the second house I collect from while still being close to the first house, as soon as I click the first house’s door I find an open spot close to the second house and click on that door as soon as I arrive. The same principle applies when collecting from the Epic house, be as close to the second house as possible. Near the bottom of the fenceline as seen below:

So again, as close I can to my second house, as soon as I click on the first door I look for an open spot next to the second house to click so I can click the second door.

This strategy does take practice mostly with clicking and avoiding other penguins, with this trick or treat room, it’s bound to be very busy for most of the party, so practice avoiding penguins. I always start at the most rare house first, so if I have an epic and common, I’m sitting at the epic house first so that if I happen to make a mistake I will for sure get that epic candy which is only available every five minutes.

Now onto Triples

Triples are probably the hardest to achieve but the most rewarding for sure. It again will take a lot of practice but as well as using the skill in picking your placement to start out and how close you get to the second house. For triples, you want to start at the epic house, close to the rare house don’t get to close to the rare house when you collect that candy, and end on the common house. Observe:

ooooh baby a trippple

So if you see, to start I am right in between my first and second house, then I don’t get to close to the rare house so I have time to reach the third/common house. It will take a lot of practice but this strategy is probably the most effective.

The biggest problem is not really timing but skilled clicking and avoiding other penguins:

As you see, I did everything right but just made a bad misclick at the end, which is okay, I’d rather get the first two candy anyways.

A good way is to try and plan out where your clicks are going to be, notice where penguins and where they probably will be, I would say click on the house you’re going to but that often glitches for me and won’t take me in that direction. So plan out your clicks and look for those open spots!

That’s my guide! Good luck to you in your candy escapade! If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share or would like to learn more personally from people be sure to join our discord and chat with people and find out what works best for you!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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