Halloween party 2022

Hello penguins! Welcome back to another post, its finally that time of year, the time full of ghouls, monsters and all sorts of frights. We’ll be your guide through the terror of the Halloween party so lets get into it! Click read more for the full post!

Upon logging in Gary will let you know what’s up with the party, sounds like we can trick or treat at the snow forts so lets start there!

Once you make your way there, you’re gonna see a lot going on, as we come in an orange penguin is going to explain it to us and give us a trick or treat bag to get us started. In case you didn’t catch the explanation we can trick or treat (done by standing in the yard of the houses as the timer on them runs out.) at each of these houses for candies to exchange for spooky prizes.

To get these candies, stand outside the doors until the timer counts down, once it’s reached zero, click the door to claim your candy, as long as you are standing close enough to the house the candy will be added to your basket

There are three different rarities, common, rare, epic each house having a longer cooldown time for the rarer ones. To check how many you have, click the candy icon at the top right of your screen. The candies you earn will disappear upon logging out, so we recommend you use them as you get them through the prize section which is the tombstone icon.

Candy progress is the middle icon, prizes are the tombstone.

If you want some pointers on how to collect candy more efficiently to collect all those items even faster click here for a full guide!

Next we can drop by the plaza to check out the new stage! No secrets to see but make sure to grab the costumes if your interested!

Moving on Gary also mentioned investigating the forest. If we go there, our way is blocked by some spider webs but we should be able to come back in a few days so stayed tuned for our guide on that!

If we go the other way in the forest we can find the secret lab and the haunted house. Brave the haunted house if you dare to earn yourself the spectral costume at the top of the stairs!

Last but not least we have one new pin in the underground pool, however you’ll have to be quick for it, A speedy spider (speeder) drops down right next to the middle window on the right and you’ll have to click it before it climbs back up.

With the spiders blocking off the forest path and G’s investigation on ghost still on hold we can expect a lot more to come from this party as well as some visits from Gary himself, if you haven’t already join our discord for all your tracking needs, but other then that we hope you all enjoy this party and have a frightfully good time!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL cheats Team


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