The Wayback Party!

Hello penguins! It’s finally here, the wayback party! A very popular party within the CPL community and I am here to show you every collectible on the party! Lets dive into this nostalgic mess! Click continue reading for the full post and all the answers the trivia questions across the island!

First things first, upon logging everything seems so different, old and blurry?

Looks like they spent all their quality on the post it note.

This aint our CPL! This is club penguin from 2006-2008 the nostalgia is running back! Anyways, for the items you wanna head to nearly all the rooms and answer a trivia question for a prize!

Gift shop
Ski hill
Ski village
Ski lodge
Lodge attic
Ice rink
Mine shack
Cave mine
Cave (pool)
Boiler room
Pet shop
Pizza parlor
Snow forts
Night club
Dance lounge

This is an amazing amount of items. I’ll leave the items hidden for a surprise when you get them. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the most prestigious item of this entire party. The original party hat! Head to the town and you will see 2 boxes full of party hats. Make sure to take that as fast as possible because it sure wont be coming back!

Oh yeah, head to the pet shop and click this

A piano will slide out (how’d they get that in there?) and reward you with the lovely band background

Another thing, if you head to the mine shack you will see outside the entrance a little shamrock sitting on the floor. That’s not decoration that’s a pin!

One last thing before we depart, if you head to the gift shop there is a new catalog with no secrets! (thank the heavens) It is full of old items throughout the years of club penguin so make sure to grab as many as you can!

That’s it! This is sure to be an amazing event. Also make sure to keep a look out for Rockhopper as he will be visiting soon!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


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