October Penguin Style Secrets!

Boo! Did that scare you? I hope it did because it is October, the scary month! Have you changed your discord nickname to something scary? I think its best to do it soon! But we aren’t here to talk about nicknames we’re here to search for penguin style secrets! That’s right penguins, the October Penguin Style has released and I am here to present you the secrets! Lets dive straight in! Hit continue reading for the full post!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

That’s all the secrets! But there is one more thing that isn’t a secret. If you head to the color page (1st page when you open the penguin style catalog) you might notice something different. 2 new colors! Mauve and Arctic White!

They are brand new and only cost 20 coins!

That’s about it for today, I hope to see you all with these fancy new costumes.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


Author: lariiscool

⚠️i am lari⚠️

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