๐ŸŽˆThe Fair!๐ŸŽˆ

Hello penguins! How are we all feeling today? I hope we are great! Have you heard? The Fair has released! And you already know what I’m here for. Lets dive into this! Click read more for the full post

First things first, upon logging in you will be greeted with this friendly penguin called Bambadee! He is a stowaway from the Migrator. He is also the mascot for this party so keep an eye out for him!

Next up, you might’ve seen a nice new map change! It’s back to AS3 and is more colorful than ever!

Now, head to the snow forts for your first pin!

A little Ping Pong Paddle! Go on and pick that up because it may never come back!

Your second pin will be at the coffee shop, head inside and throw a snowball into the little hole of the machine on the left

It’ll fill up with snow (club penguin physics) and dispense you a little snow cone!

But you can’t eat it, just take it as a pin instead

Next up, a background! Head to the Ski Village and have a little seat on the small cylinder with a star on it (i don’t know what that is)

Click the camera once to receive this nice new background!

That’s all for the free items! Lets head into the prizes! Head to the forest with the big red writing on the map that Bambadee has so nicely did for us

Head to the Prize Stall and voila!

So many prizes! But so expensive.. You may be wondering, how do you win these prizes? What are tickets? Now, there are games at the Forest, Cove and Dock. Play these games and you’re bound to win some tickets! But be warned, your tickets will reset everytime you log out! So stay in the game and win those prizes! Also, prizes will be reset every 2 days with new ones! One more thing before we go, if you head to the forest and go upwards you will enter the Great Puffle Circus! Not really, you’ll be outside of it but next to yet another prize booth!

Yes, this means more grinding and more prizes! Now lets head into the circus. Upon entering it may seem boring and bland like there’s nothing going on. But if you wait awhile the yellow puffle will spin its cane and let out the puffles! One by one, they will show what amazing performance they can do and surely impress you!

Wow, that’s a lot of things and we’re done! Hope you all enjoy the fair as much as I do.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


Author: lariiscool

โš ๏ธi am lariโš ๏ธ

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