New map, New pin, New features

Hello penguins, this is going to be a short post today. You may or may not have heard about the new map change!

So detailed!

This map is very dynamic with a lot of moving elements! Now, if you head to the lakeside location on the map. (located right under the plaza)

You can probably spot out its a new location. And with a new location comes a new pin!

A very nice picnic basket! Unfortunately you can’t eat it. There is one more thing before we go. An events tab!

Well hidden!

By clicking on it, you can see events hosted by other penguins or official events such as parties or penguin style! And yes, you can host your own events! Unfortunately to host an event, your penguin has to be 25 milestone age days. Whatever that means.

Anyway, this concludes our little update for today.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


Author: lariiscool

⚠️i am lari⚠️

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