PSA Test and how to complete it!

Hello penguins! How are we all doing today? I hope we are good! Anyway, the PSA has released and you are probably wondering how to get in? Fear not! I am here to assist you with some simple steps. But keep in mind, your penguin has to be 60 days old. You can check this by pressing the question mark on the bottom of your screen.

First off, head into the Sports Shop and step into the curtain on the most right

By walking into it, you should be greeted with this:

It all may seem difficult and all but it really isn’t! What you have to do is head to the coffee shop! “But lari, we are trying to be agents not to have a cuppa coffee!” This step is extremely important however. Once you are in take a look at the sign with the coffee on it!

Whats this? A note?

Why wont you click on that? I’m sure it’ll help! 😉 After that, head to the boiler room which is accessible through the night club by a secret speaker

Once you’re down here, go on and click that top left cabinet

Newspapers and newspapers! Unfortunately you can’t read them. But you can read this note wedged in between them! I’m sure that’ll help you!

Well, there was meant to be a note here but there isn’t. That’s because I already clicked it. But if there is then feel free to click it. It’ll be useful! That was a nice little scavenger hunt wasn’t it? Anyway head back to the Sports Shop and back into the curtains.

Now this’ll help us!
Click the yellow note.

Don’t mind the code in the bottom but if you do wanna decipher it, go ahead! This is the tic tac toe code! It’ll help you with this. Match up the boxes on here with the boxes on the yellow paper! For example if it’s a full box with an X in it, it’ll be an N. If it’s a box with the top missing without an X or an O inside of it, it’ll be a B! I think you get the point. Well, lets get to deciphering!

Finished? This is the code I got:

It may be different to everyone but if it isn’t then I saved you some time.

Go on and press enter and you’ll be transported to this very awesome with a very awesome song HQ!

Also, here is a free pin you can snatch!

We may not be done yet, there are a few perks of being a PSA agent! Your very own Spy Phone! You can travel to any place at any time with this handy-dandy device. You can find it above the map. You can also visit the HQ with it easily!

Hmm? What’s this? A catalog?

More like a book on how to be the best agent you can be.

It does have some cool items though! Now, if you hover over YOUR DUTY on the second page of the catalog.

Ta Da!

A very awesome background for only 60 coins!

So this just about concludes the very awesome PSA update! If I have missed anything feel free to let me know and I’ll get on it ASAP!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


Author: lariiscool

⚠️i am lari⚠️

One thought on “PSA Test and how to complete it!”

  1. You didnt mntion that your penguin has to be 60 days old. i tried everything even clearing cache but i cant do the PSA since my penguin is only 48 days. R.I.P


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