New pins locations

Hello everyone and welcome! As music jam comes to a close and we see the island return to normal we can also find three new pins so lets get into it!

We can start by heading up to the beacon to find a life ring to the right next to the jet pack.

Next we have a new stage play we can explore! “Ruby and the ruby” very exciting, start by looking through the script for clues and by the end of it you can receive our 2nd pin by clicking “The end.”

Next we can get our hands on yet another pin by clicking 5 items in order. We can start by clicking the filing cabinet, then the lamp, trash, book, flower pot, and then finally the painting to reveal the round ruby pin.

Finally our pin!

That should cover our pins today, however while we’re at the stage there is a secret item in the catalog

Don’t forget mining is also opened up today for coins so be sure to get to work if that wallets looking a little empty. Other then that we hope you enjoy todays update.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats team


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