The search for the color vote ballots

Hello penguins! Today we have an all hands on deck situation, as you may have seen our color vote ballot box was taken from right beneath our flippers yesterday by an unknown individual.

Fear not however! The PSA is here to help with rookie directing us to the mines for an opportunity to pitch in and help recover them!

You can also open a letter from rookie at the top right of your screen to grab the free lantern to light up these dark mines.

Collect item for the lantern!

We can grab the free orange hard hat there to get started, but the other colors also work (green, yellow, and red) if you own them. There is a grand total of 67,256 ballots, that’s a lot of digging. however its a collective effort from the penguins so as long as we all pitch in it shouldn’t be so bad. You can dig 2 ballots from a single spot every 20 to 40 seconds so just be sure to switch up your position to dig for more.

The music jam has been put on hold for now but should hopefully be back once we have collected the ballots. We should also have a mascot visit from Rookie on September 8th 3pm PST, So be sure to be on for that to collect his newly added background and stamp! If you haven’t already you can join our discord for tracking on him and any other mascots who hop on!

That should wrap up the update we hope you enjoy digging it up with all your friends.

Until next time, Waddle on!

-CPLC Team


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