New fun for the Music Jam!

Hello penguins! We are halfway through the music jam already! How fast did that go by? Anyway a blog post released for CPL and if you’re lazy and don’t wanna read it, then here is one for you!

Starting off, a new contest! The Piano Contest. Basically how it works is you grab some of your friends and head to the Underground Pool below the Plaza and you make a song or re-create one!

Ski and his son

You and your friends will be rewarded with 5,000 coins! You can submit your entry through:

Next up, we have more Penguin Band news! From today, you can experience 2 new songs and on the final day of the party (September 7th) you get x2 coins for each performance you see! (fireworks and dj maxx included)

Speaking of coins, on the final day of the party everyone will get double their multiplier! For example if your multiplier is x1.5 at the final day, it’ll double to x3!

After that, we have a BIG event. BIGGER and BETTER than ever! On September 7th at 4pm PST DJ Maxx and Cadence will be doing a duo visit and this will be their last chance you can meet them. There will be lots of giveaways and a special guest visit!

Another thing is there may potentially be a second server added yet again. The server is the beloved Zipline!

Next up is Save the Music! Hundreds of dollars have been donated to their charity and it is amazing! It’s nice to see the club penguin community do these things! If you donate any amount of money to their charity you can get a special Save the Music pin to go on your penguin!

Finally, new pins! Here are the locations for them:

Stereo Pin
Tambourine Pin

That concludes the updates!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPLC Team


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