Island Adventure party LAST DAY

Hello penguins! Today is our last day of our pirate voyage, this party has been a lot of fun with new friends and old accompanied with an abundance of items. Today we’re going to help you wrap any items you’ve missed that have recently been added so lets get to it!

First off lets talk about the daily items there’s ten total, the last one has been added just today as a new igloo! Make sure to pick them up as well as multiple of any igloo furniture in here you enjoy.

Next up we can make our way to the captains quarters for our very own ship in the form of the rowboat pin!!

Lastly we can make our way to waitaha’s shipwreck island to pick up items from two different selections firstly we have the junk items as they call it with mostly furniture items but a interesting necklace too.

Next if we make our way into the hall of viking’s we can grab a set of cursed items from a chest at the top of the cave that became available after their previous visit, they also warn us about how long these will be available so make sure to grab them as soon as possible.

Other then that we can expect a couple more visits from our new friend waitaha tonight at 7pm EDT and 11pm EDT so if you want to get that sweet background and stamp be quick. If you would like updates on them be sure to join our discord for our tracking on them and any other mascots with the following link.

Other then that we hope you enjoyed this amazing voyage.

Until next time waddle on!

-CPL Cheats team


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