Shipwreck Island!

Ahoy penguins! Welcome back to the Island Adventure party. A new party has been released. Let’s get through it!

Upon logging on Rockhopper will greet you and tell you that we are setting off to Rockhopper Island! This will be exciting!

Head on over to the helm yet again so we can start our Island Adventure! (pun intended)

After you step on it you should get teleported to the migrator and go on a short journey!

Oh dear, these currents are stronger than usual and the sky is changing colour! This cannot be good…

How relaxing…

Hang on, this isn’t Rockhopper Island! This is Shipwreck Island! We’re stranded!

Rockhopper tells us to construct a beacon on the island, hopefully with this we can get out of this island!

Eh? Who’s this?!

Never mind that, let’s focus on getting the beacon.

The beacon will be broken on the top right of the island.

Go on and click it twice. If you have done this correctly you should get this awesome pin!

After you have done this head on back to the Migrator and Rockhopper will greet you

He’ll tell us we are returning to the Club Penguin Island

Hurray! We’re going home!

Nothing feels better than being home!

This concludes our update for today! Make sure to check back tomorrow at the same time for a fresh new update! Also, be sure to collect the daily items.

Until next time, Waddle On!

– CPLC Team


Author: lariiscool

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