🦕 Dinosaur Island🦖

Yarr harr penguins! Welcome back, a new update has been released for the island adventure party. Let’s go through it!

Let’s start our adventure by heading back onto the Migrator and standing on the helm to start our expedition

The helm of the Migrator

After you stand here you will go through a short journey on the Migrator and onto Dinosaur Island.

Rockhopper will greet you once again and point out that we have landed at Dinosaur Island.

He will tell us to look out for a precious ruby and other rare items we haven’t seen before 👀

Once you have arrived go on and click the gate behind the ruby to borrow it. Just click it once and you should be good to go. After everything is done you should get this message:

Before we go, you should probably grab some items at the shop!

You will be greeted by Rawrdee, the island’s merchant. He will give you a selection of items with fair prices and an EXCLUSIVE prehistoric staff that simbolises who the ruler of the island is! You have up to 4 pages worth of items so grab what you want because it won’t be here for long!

Rawrdree, the islands merchant

Once you’re done with this island head back to the migrator following this path located in the bottom left.

Rockhopper will greet you and tell you that you’re returning back to Club Penguin Island

Home sweet home we’re back!

This concludes today’s island adventure. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a fresh new island and we’ll make sure to be on it once it’s out. 😉

Until next time, Waddle On!

– CPLC Team


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