Swashbucklers trading post part 2

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post, we have yet another update to todays update, so lets jump right into it.

We can start off by grabbing our second free party pass item (accessed from the map top right), the migrator blueprint background! if you didn’t know already we will be getting a free item each day of this party so make sure to grab them whenever you get the chance.

Next we can make our way to the migrator to go on another journey from the helm for a new section of the swashbuckler trading post items from the island. These items are pretty expensive so make sure to grind those coins first so you don’t have to make the voyage again. You will need a total of 16,150 coins in order to purchase all these items.

Click the red arrow circled to access part 2 of the catalog!

Make sure to act quick and grab these items tonight as we embark to the newest island tomorrow and these won’t be available after that point. Other then that we all hope your enjoying this party and be sure to check back for tomorrows update!

Until next time, waddle on!

-CPL Cheats Team


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