Mountain expedition party

Hello everyone Doublebit here and welcome to the mountain expedition party cheats post, this is small but fun and snow filled party!

This party is filled with freebies for the time its up (July 3rd-6th) so make sure you gather them all! Click read more for the full post!

Upon login your going to notice the normally blue sky is filled with snow, It really sets the atmosphere for our journey onto the mountain! You’ll also notice this cloud icon at the top right next to the rules icon, this is where we can grab some daily items, today we have a nice cozy jacket and after clicking “learn more” we also have a fluffy bunny item, and the mp3000 for today only!

Before we start our journey up the mountain you should stop by the light house to grab the carabiner pin, it’s perfect equipment to start our climb!

You can start your journey up the mountain from ski village, where we can progress to the next room in this party the base camp. Here we have yet another free item this time its a nice warm hat for going up the mountain! Not only that but there’s a page of the perfect mountain climbing equipment for purchase if you click the page bottom right!

Moving onto the next room we have an ice cave, where we have to clear our own way out, you can do this by clicking the tips of the icicles from top left to bottom right allowing us to go onto the next room!

Our next stop is a rest camp where we have a bonfire pin on the right side of the mountain!

Finally after a walk across a log we reach the summit, in this room you can grab a background of the mountains by clicking the red button on the camera and a red flag to prove you made the climb!

Aunt arctic should be making visits during this party so be sure to join our discord for tracking on her whenever she makes an appearance, other then that we hope you enjoy the party!

Until next time, waddle on!

-CPL Cheats Team.


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