Music Jam Sneak Peeks

Hello Penguins! Ninja here,

Recently we’ve received some information on the upcoming Music Jam party that I want to pass along to you the readers in order to get you hype for this upcoming party.

Music Jam was my first party ever when I joined club penguin so it holds a dear place in my heart and I hope that this party will be just as great as past ones.

There are a couple things we know for sure about this party.

  1. Mascot Visits

We know that mascots have been confirmed to visit, we don’t know which ones however, though we can make some pretty strategic guesses.

Cadence, DJ Maxx and the Penguin Band are all music related and are the top candidates for showing up during this party. You won’t want to miss these visits as they’ll be some of the first visits on the island for them. Make sure to join our discord to get updated as soon as they log on.

The team has confirmed that there will be multiple visits that will work for all timezones, so stay patient during the party, your time will come!

2. Concerts, Performances, and Fireworks Shows, oh my!

It has been confirmed that throughout the party the Penguin Band and DJ Maxx will be having performances during specific times of the day in relation to the PST time period (Check the clock in the snow forts).

Penguin Band: 12pm-5pm. Watch this show and you can earn coins just watching!
DJ Maxx: 6pm-11pm
Fireworks Show: 12am – 3am

It is unsure yet whether being at these concerts with the mascots will give you their stamp, I’m guessing probably not since they will be visiting throughout the party but we shall see!

Here is a custom stamp design that will be added during the party, probably for watching the fireworks at night!

3. Daily Rewards

The team has shared a sneak peek of a calendar system for the 10 days of the party. Each day you log on, after 5 minutes of being on you will be able to claim your item!

Along with this item there will be a coin multiplier added + .5 x per day. So if you log on every day you can have a max of 5x coins when you play games on that last day! Make sure to log in every day and grind those coins!

4. New Colors!

During this party you will have one vote for the provided colors below. Make sure to log in each day and vote for your favorite or vote for different ones if you can’t decide! After the 9th full day of voting the color with the most votes will be the unlockable item for day 10!

Make sure to vote for Arctic Blue, it’s obviously the best option 😉

That’s all we have for today, we’ll be sure to update you with any other sneak peeks we get! Hope you all are as excited for this party as I am!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPL Cheats Team


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